1. Three fish neckties

  2. 24 Hour Party People mini-poster signed by Steve Cogan, director Michael Winterbottom, and possibly Tony Wilson.

  3. Big Swinging Grape, the fictional grape soda of Thing X.

  4. What It Is by Lynda Barry, a great book about writing and the creative process. Highly recommended if you’re feeling creatively down.

  5. Lars Von Trier’s Cannes Film Festival pass from the year he won the Grand Prix for Breaking The Waves. Given to Udo Kier, who in turn gave it to Bingham Ray, who in turn gave it to Anita. RIP Bingham Ray.

  6. A Pikachu coin bank, possibly bootleg.

  7. One-sided record, “Anxiety And A Decade Of Tranquilizer Therapy, Highlights From A Symposium Sponsored by Wallace Laboratories.” Happy Thanksgiving!

  8. Joey Adams’ book Strictly For Laughs.

  9. A Pope John Paul II (in)action figure.

  10. 16 mm print of I Am Joe’s Spine